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試験科目:「Creating HPE Software-defined Networks」
問題と解答:全68問 HPE2-Z38 日本語版トレーリング

>> HPE2-Z38 日本語版トレーリング


NO.1 A company is using Microsoft soft phones and Microsoft Lync.
The company wants to implement the HP Network Optimizer SDN application to improve the
performance of this solution.
Which settings are required on the company's core switch?
A. ACLs to select Lync traffic and apply appropriate QoS settings.
B. QoS settings to trust DSCP settings set at the access layer.
C. OpenFlow hybrid mode.
D. OpenFlow 1.3 group table.
Answer: B

HPE2-Z38 範囲   

NO.2 Which feature of the HP Network Protector SDN Application prevents intensive DNS traffic
from impacting application performance?
A. QoS policies
B. Rate limiting
C. Inspection throttling
D. Meters
Answer: C

HPE2-Z38 ソフト   HPE2-Z38 資格   
Reference http://h17007.wwwlhpe.com/docs/sdn/4AA5-1462ENW.pdf

NO.3 What does this exhibit indicate?
A. The controller and switch do not support hybrid OpenFlow mode.
B. The controller and switch did negotiate the OpenFlow version but could not program the flows
C. The controller and switch have negotiated the OpenFlow version as 1.0.
D. The controller and switch have not yet negotiated the OpenFlow version.
Answer: C

HPE2-Z38 対象者   

NO.4 A company has an HP VAN SDN Controller solution that runs the HP Network Protector SDN
The application should continue to permit connectivity for legitimate traffic and to protect against
new threats if the controller hardware fails.
How can the network administrator meet this requirement?
A. Deploy additional HP VAN SDN Controllers and configure them as a team.
B. Configure all switches controlled by the controller to use "secure" for their connection
interruption mode.
C. Deploy an additional HP VAN SDN Controller in standby or passive mode.
D. Increase the timeout for the inspection flow entries and the blocking entries to the maximum
Answer: B

HPE2-Z38 教育   

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