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NO.1 What is important to consider in business capability outsourcing?
A. Internal stakeholder mapping identifies capabilities that should be outsourced to third parties
B. Value stream / capability cross-mapping highlights where capabilities should be synchronized in-
house or among third parties
C. Information mapping highlights where shared databases should be established with a third party
D. Capabilities managed by third parties are highlighted so they can be removed from the capability
Answer: B

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NO.2 What is the main purpose of business architecture tooling?
A. It enables teams to capture, manage, communicate and share the business architecture
B. It establishes a formal link between the business architecture and operational databases
C. It ensures that desktop technologies are not used to manage the business architecture
D. It provides a way to integrate business architecture with the software development process
Answer: A

NO.3 Solution architecture:
A. Frames solution deployment of stakeholder value and capability improvements
B. Implements business process model notation designs using value stream views
C. Is a technical practice that does not directly interact with business architecture
D. Informs the makeup and context of value streams and capability alignment
Answer: A

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NO.4 How should a business architecture practitioner engage stakeholders to respond to an in flight
initiative that does not align with a new company strategy?
A. Create a stakeholder communication plan to broadcast deficiencies and potential mitigating
B. Determine if changes should be addressed within the initiative or deferred to another initiative
C. Reassess the identified solution and the overarching strategy driving the solution
D. Recommend suspension of resource allocation, funding and all work on the initiative
Answer: B

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