2V0-621 テスト模擬問題集、2V0-621 全真模擬試験

NO.1 An administrator observes a warning on the vSphere High Availability (HA) cluster:
This host currently has no management network redundancy
Which two actions would address the warning? (Choose two.)
A. Add an additional management vmknic to the vSwitch.
B. Include the advanced HA parameter das.ignoreNetWarningRedundancy.
C. Add an additional uplink to the management vmknic.
D. Include the advanced HA parameter das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning.
Answer: C,D

NO.2 An administrator is implementing a vSphere 6.x environment containing one vCenter Server
and five ESXi hosts. The administrator has just finished deploying the vCenter Server appliance with
an embedded Platform Services Controller (PSC) and needs to ensure that default security certificates
within the vSphere 6.x environment are replaced with new certificates.
What should the administrator do to complete this task with the least administrative effort?
A. Make VMCA an Intermediate Certificate Authority to ensure each added ESXi hosts receives the
same certificate.
B. Replace the VMCA root certificate before adding the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server.
C. Create ESXi host security certificates using the SSL Thumbprint mode to ensure consistency among
all hosts.
D. Add the ESXi hosts to vCenter Server before updating the VMCA root certificate on the PSC.
Answer: B

2V0-621 一番   2V0-621 復習   

NO.3 Refer to the Exhibit.
An administrator wishes to provide Load Balanced I/O for the device shown in the Exhibit.
To meet this requirement, which setting should be changed?
A. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_SATP_RR
B. Path Selection Policy = Round Robin (VMware)
C. Path Selection Policy = MRU (VMware)
D. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_NMP_RR
Answer: B

2V0-621 技術   

NO.4 An administrator notices that the time on an ESXi 6.x host is incorrect.
Which two actions should the administrator take to correct this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Use the vicfg-ntp command from the vSphere Management Appliance.
B. Modify the time for the host using the vSphere client.
C. Correct the NTP settings in the /etc/ntp.conf file.
D. Configure NTP from the Direct Console User Interface.
Answer: B,C

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JPexamの商品を使用したあとのひとはJPexamの商品がIT関連認定試験に対して役に立つとフィードバックします。弊社が提供した商品を利用すると試験にたやすく合格しました。VMwareの2V0-621 テスト模擬問題集認証試験に関する訓練は対応性のテストで君を助けることができて、試験の前に十分の準備をさしあげます。

JPexamのVMware2V0-621 テスト模擬問題集の試験問題と解答は実践されて、当面の市場で最も徹底的な正確的な最新的な模擬テストです。JPexamは広い研究と実際を基づいている経験及び正確的な学習教材を提供できます。私たちは君の最も早い時間でVMwareの2V0-621 テスト模擬問題集試験に合格するように頑張ります。もし私たちのVMwareの2V0-621 テスト模擬問題集問題集を購入したら、JPexamは一年間無料で更新サービスを提供することができます。

試験科目:VMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Exam
問題と解答:全245問 2V0-621 模擬モード

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